Essay on Civil Right And Civil Rights

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Since the beginning of the nation, when the judicial branch was made in the United States constitution. The judicial branch was the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), in which they have to judge a case with the law of congress and the constitution to be able to see if it constitutional or unconstitutional. Overtime in the Supreme Court, there have been many cases with civil right and civil liberties. When defining civil rights, it is the rights given to citizens and is protected by the nation government. As all American citizens have freedom and rights that cannot be taken away. A Supreme Court case that has to do with an American civil rights is United State v. Windsor.
In the case of United States v. Windsor, for rights of same sex marriage. The issue was a long going problem as have records that “ in the 1990s a same-sex couples applied for marriage licenses from the Hawaii State Department of Health… and was denied, and the couples sued claiming violations of their right to privacy and equal protection under Hawaii state law” (Ciocchetti, 2014, p.253). Thus, so other state would not have to recognize marriage license for same sex marriage “Hawaii prompted Congress to enact the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 1996” (Entin, 2014, p.824). For this, it was denying citizen rights to be able to marry whom they wanted. Additional when Windsor wanted to get married it was not able to and therefore they want to another place to get married however later partner died;…

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