Civic Lesson Plan Sample

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Civics Lesson Plan
Elementary Social Studies Methods

• Students will learn about their community’s government and leaders. Throughout the lesson, students will engage in discussions and be visited by an elected local government official. Students will also conduct their own research to learn more about their local government.

Learning Context:
• This lesson is designed for third grade and fits in with our community, as our government officials are part of our local community.
• This lesson may require extra time, as our town of Beacon Falls does not have a mayor, which I think the students would be more familiar with. Instead, the town has a Board of Selectmen.

• Students will understand how our local government
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Repeat steps with the second question and sticky note (different color). Answers may vary…most students won’t know who our leaders are in Beacon Falls, as they’re a Board of Selectmen. (Record answers and leave open for later discussion…)
4. Repeat steps with the third question and sticky note (different color). Possible answers: to make laws, to keep people safe, etc.)
5. Once students are finished writing responses, each group will place them on the big chart in front of room. The teacher should place a blank sticky note under each question to show the students which color goes in which column.
6. After the students have placed their sticky notes under the columns, the teacher will organize the notes into similar categories based on student responses. (For example, under the “type of government” column, you could put all the sticky notes that say “state government” into a group, all that say federal government into a group, etc.) Don’t remove any that don’t make sense or that are incorrect…leave these notes where they have been placed. Discuss the notes to decide if they fit in the column or not.
7. As a class discussion, finish grouping the other two columns, sharing what was written and regrouping sticky
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Before the guest speaker visit (probably the day before), students will use Chromebooks in groups to research their town’s leaders. The teacher will have checked to assure the local town’s website is accessible to students.
a. Once students find their leaders, the teacher will them to research the structure of their town’s government (Board of Selectmen).
b. The teacher will walk from group to group to assess student progress.
c. Next, the class will come together and share their findings.
2. The teacher will provide students with a typed list of guiding questions to help prepare students for a discussion with their guest speaker.
a. Such questions may include: How do people become leaders? How does the local government make sure the community is protected and safe? Why should we, as third graders, learn about our local government?
3. Briefly go over questions with students before guest speaker arrives. Write speaker’s name on the board, First Selectman Christopher Bielik. The teacher will record the speakers answers to student questions so students can focus on listening.
4. After the speaker leaves, have students review their questions and responses given by the speaker as a class.

• Lesson Part

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