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Cisco IT Case Study – August 2013
Big Data Analytics

How Cisco IT Built Big Data Platform to Transform
Data Management
● Unlock the business value of large data sets, including structured and unstructured information
● Provide service-level agreements (SLAs) for internal customers using big data analytics services
● Support multiple internal users on same platform
● Implemented enterprise Hadoop platform on Cisco UCS CPA for
Big Data - a complete infrastructure solution including compute, storage, connectivity and unified management
● Automated job scheduling and process orchestration using Cisco
Tidal Enterprise Scheduler as alternative to Oozie
● Analyzed service sales
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At Cisco, very large datasets about customers, products, and network activity represent hidden business intelligence. The same is true of terabytes of unstructured data such as web logs, video, email, documents, and images.
To unlock the business intelligence hidden in globally distributed big data, Cisco IT chose Hadoop, an open-source software framework that supports dataintensive, distributed applications. “Hadoop behaves like an affordable supercomputing platform,” says
Piyush Bhargava, a Cisco IT distinguished engineer who focuses on big data programs. “It moves compute to where the data is stored, which mitigates the disk I/O bottleneck and provides almost linear

scalability. Hadoop would enable us to consolidate the islands of data scattered throughout the enterprise.”
To offer big data analytics services to Cisco business teams, Cisco IT first needed to design and implement an enterprise platform that could support appropriate service-level agreements (SLAs) for availability and performance. “Our challenge was adapting the open-source Hadoop platform for the enterprise,” says Bhargava.
Technical requirements for the big data architecture included:

Open-source components

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Scalability and enterprise-class availability

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