Cisco Case Study and Worksheet Essay

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Assignment for Course: ISM 5150 – IS Strategy and Data Management.

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Submitted by: Ambar De Los Santos Corporan Jason Lukis Jireh Labarca Rahila Dholakia

Date of Submission: January 13, 2016

Title of Assignment: CISCO Preliminary Case Analysis.

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This automation led to a more efficient use of time and faster sales cycle. It also reduced the additional operational cost burdens that were cause by the manual processes. With the automation of these processes, Cisco could bette r manage the quantity of information from its partners and therefore continue to grow in business and profits.

* Track inventory – Outbound Logistics. Cisco solved this problem by changing their manufacturing strategy from “push” to “pull”. The pull manufacturing approach also known as “just-in-time” or the Cisco Lean model, uses the integrated ordering processes to build product only after the order has received. An important benefit of this model is that it reduced process duplication. The model also allows for greater predictability of product lead-time. These benefits mean that time is better allocated between orders and manufacturing costs are reduced. It also means fulfillment of orders can flow efficiently and increase revenues. With more revenues flowing and the decrease in manufacturing costs, profit margins increase.

* Product Service and Customer satisfaction – Service. The reduced product lead time from the manufacturing solutions also led to increases in customer satisfaction. Moreover, part of the automation initiative the Cisco group implemented included service dispatch automation. According to the case,

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