Cis 246 Complete Course – Devry Essay

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CIS 246 Entire Course – DeVry (All Dqs And I Labs) Week 1 discussions

Networking in Society (graded)
Explain ways that networking has changed society in the past 10 years. Do you feel that computer networking has impacted your life? Please explain.


Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server Environments (graded)
What kind of network does your current or former workplace have: peer to peer or client-server? What problems does it have? What are some ideas to improve it? If you don’t know which,
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What are the features and prices? Which ones do you think would be appropriate for the various Windows Server 2008 editions? It is okay not to understand all of the specifications. When you find something you don’t know, ask the class.

week 4 discussion

Understanding and Applying Active Directory (graded)
Active Directory (AD) is arguably the most critical component of Windows Server 2008, certainly for larger organizations. It enables corporations to manage and secure their resources from a single directory service and with a common interface—a very powerful tool. Because it is so powerful and offers so many features and capabilities, it sometimes can be complex to those looking at it for the first time. This week, we are going to learn about AD in detail, starting with the fundamentals. As we progress during the week, you will begin to see it’s not that intimidating after all. First, though, let’s get the fundamentals down. What exactly is a directory service and what are some examples in industry? Next, let’s get the definition of Active Directory down—what exactly is it and what benefits does it provide? After this, we’ll look at the details on how it is implemented in the business environment.

Linux Versus Windows Administration (graded)
In what ways do you think administering Linux is better than Windows? In what ways is Windows better

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