How Cirrhosis Changed My Life

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Life is full of ups and downs. We go through a lot of situations and events some of these situation might determine our future, shape our personality and even changes the way our mind views as well as think about a lot of things. I remember once back at home when I was still is school one of our teachers was absent and as a result we where asked to leave and was told to meet in another classroom since the teacher wasn’t there all of the girls spent that time talking. When I first entered that classroom I noticed a small group of girls whom i knew sitting on the floor while talking so I decided to join them. As soon as I sat with them I realized that the things they where talking about was nothing of my interest realizing that I tilted my hand …show more content…
Each time I went to see my grandmother id notice that her health was getting worse she stopped eating, refused any kind of food and was too scared to drink water because fluid would be stored in her stomach which is a result of her unhealthy liver. My grandmother would get better from time to time but for some reason she would get tired again. Looking back at my old self I think that I was stupid because all what I was thinking about was weather my grandmother will attend my graduation or not I thought that it was really selfish of me to thing of myself when the dearest person to me was going through pain. On the bright side my grandma did attend my high school graduation. But after that her health got even worse they had to put her in the ICU we weren’t allowed to see her we ended waiting a couple days before we could visit her. That day I went to see her with my mother before we entered the ICU we were instructed to wear coat like thing that provided in the entrance of the ICU. When I saw my grandmother she couldn’t recognize me and her voice wasn’t that clear so I couldn’t hear her properly when I asked one of the nurses who works there she told me that it was normal because she was too tired and had a high fever when I asked why was she having a fever I was told that it …show more content…
My grandmother was the most important part of life, how can a person survive after losing someone they really loved and cared about? I regret not spending more time with her there was so much that I wanted to tell her about I wanted to tell her about y first day at university, I wanted her to be there when I graduate I wanted her to attend my wedding I wanted my children to meet her. I haven’t had enough of her I would give anything to go back and talk to her even if it was for only five minutes there’s so much that I wanted to tell her. Deep down I knew my grandmother was in a better place I also stopped blaming myself for not doing enough for her because I knew no matter she’d still love me also stopped taking things for granted if I knew that back then I would treat my loved ones better as if it was my last day alive. Now everything went back to normal we still gather every week, we still have breakfast at 8, lunch at 2:30 and dinner at 9 but things weren’t the same anymore. Her seat was

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