Cinderella Man Film Analysis

The Movie Cinderella Man, directed by Ron Howard is a movie about the life of James Braddock during the Great Depression. The movie is written by Cliff Hollingsworth and produced by Brian Grazer. The movie was released in June 3, 2005 and distributed by Universal Entertainment. The main cast was Russell Crowe played as James J Braddock, Renée Zellweger played as Mae Braddock, Paul Giamatti played as Joe Gould, and Craig Bierko played as Max Baer. The director made the movie as historically accurate as possible but also certain entertainment tactics were used to spice up the movie so it can sell better. The movie shows the struggles Braddock went through and all the obstacles he had to overcome to become the World Heavy Weight Champion and to support his loving family.
The move starts with the fight against Abe Feldman and shows how bad the fight was because the referee ruled a no contest. After that fight, the movie shows the decline of Braddock’s boxing career and after the
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James Braddock lost majority of his money in a taxi cab company. At the time when Braddock was a known fighter, he invested heavily in a taxi cab company and the company turned out to be a huge failure primarily because of the Great Depression. After losing all his money, he was faced with the grueling challenges of a common man just to keep food on the table. During the movie Braddock starts losing majority of his fights because of his injured right hand. From 1930 to 1933 Braddock lost more fights than he won and tried to change his fighting style involving his powerful right-hand, but that right hand was out of the picture when he broke it during numerous match. When he visited the doctor, the doctor told him the hand will have to be re-broken before he can set it, so because Braddock couldn’t afford it, he purposely broke his hand on his next fight so he can go to the doctor and set his

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