Chronic Diseases And The United States Essay

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Chronic diseases are the major cause of illness, disability, and death in the United States. Chronic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, dyslipidemia, and obesity result from long exposure of unhealthy lifestyles. Unhealthy lifestyles consisting of poor health choices involving physical inactivity, poor diet, alcohol and tobacco use are root causes of subsequent chronic diseases. Action must be taken to reduce risks and promote healthy lifestyles in order to decrease mortality, morbidity, and death associated with major chronic diseases. Historically, the focus of healthcare is providing acute care and healing diseases. However, there is a demand for more attentiveness on the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Interventions to reduce development of chronic diseases should focus on raising awareness of chronic diseases and ensure that chronic diseases prevention and management is one of healthcare’s priorities (Aspen, 2012). Chronic diseases are accountable for 7 of 10 deaths each year, and treating individuals with chronic diseases are responsible for 85% of nation’s health care costs. The American Medical Association recently indicated that one fourth of health care cost is spent on the treatment of diseases and disabilities that are product modifiable behaviors. The increasing weight of chronic diseases adds significantly to accelerating health care costs. Statistics suggest that approximately half of Americans suffer from…

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