Christopher Mccandless's Journey

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Christopher McCandless associated with a ton of people during his journey. While traveling he did not have any type of way to communicate with his biological family, so his journey involved a lot of different people who eventually became family. While McCandless was in the small town Carthage, South Dakota, he met a man named Wayne Westerberg. Wayne was the first person to give McCandless a place to stay. He also was McCandless first person known as family. “If McCandless felt estranged from his parents and siblings, he found a surrogate family in Westerberg and his employees, most of whom lived in Westerberg’s Carthage home.” (Krakauer 18). McCandless liked to go by the name of Alex. Alex had left Westerberg’s home and started to explore some more. He eventually go stopped by Jan Burres. Jan was a old lady who sold …show more content…
“Two years after Chris was born, Walt fathered another son—Quinn McCandless—with his ex-wife Maria.” (Krakauer 121). This revelation inflicted on a lot of the family. All these series of events lead to Chris eventually ditching home. Chris was kind of disrespectful by leaving his family under no notice, but I understand where a young adult wanting to explore and take on his dream decides he can go for it. He ended up dying doing something he was proud of. Christopher McCandless/ Alex is a terrific person that will not be forgotten. He made a way for those who were afraid to live their dreams and showed them anything they put their mind to they can achieve. Even though his family didn’t agree with it, he separated himself from his family lifestyle and created his own. People who are afraid could admire Chris for his special take on life on choosing the way he wants to live it. “McCandless printed a brief adios: ‘I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL’.” (Krakauer

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