Christopher Columbus : The Light Of The Sun, We Left The Old World

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“Following the light of the sun, we left the old world”, Christopher Columbus.
Christopher Columbus is said to be the founder of the new world, the Americas. Making an agreement with King Ferdinand & Isabella, Spanish Monarchs, he was sent on countless voyages in the search to prove the Earth was circular rather than flat. His voyages lead to the exploration of the Americas giving us the opportunity to live in the United States today. Although, his voyages influenced the world we live in he wasn’t the first to travel across seas. Cheng Ho, Chinese sailor conducted several voyages across Asia under the rule of Yongle, also known as Yung-Lo. Sailing on seven voyages, where he learned about various cultures and traded resources influenced the advances of Chinese world trade and culture. Cheng Ho was a eunuch and a military commander who had assisted Yongle in the overthrowing of his nephew, allowing him to become one of the strongest emperors of Chinese history. Gaining the trust of Lo, he was appointed to command the seven passages. Between the years 1405 and 1433, admiral Cheng Ho commanded seven voyages from China to southeast Asia, India, Arabia, the Persian Gulf and the eastern coast of Africa. The voyages were discreet undertakings that demonstrated China 's extraordinary technology and skill. Involving up to 317 ships, the largest of which were treasure ships, predicted to have been between 390 and 408 feet long and more than 160 feet wide. Including a crew of…

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