Essay on Christological Reflection

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Christological Reflection A life of a college student is not easy. There would be a lot of obstacles that would come to challenge you. In my one year and 2 months in Xavier University, I have experienced a lot of challenges especially on the fact that my course is not that easy, Accountancy. In the life of an accountancy student, to be able to graduate in the course is a crucial matter. There would be probability of shifting to another course which accountancy students won’t want. In my first year, there are 9 sections all in all and right now, in my second year, only 4 sections remained. To be able to proceed would be something we, accountancy students would really want and hope. To shift to another course is something we don’t want to …show more content…
Jesus is just like my mother. He is always there for us, His people. He would never leave us especially in times when we needed Him the most. There are times when people rejected Him but when these people who rejected Him need help, He would be the first one to be there for them. He is our comforter and our source of strength when we are facing difficulties in life. He would always help us, we just need to trust and let Him help us. Just as my mother did the chores for me to finish my tasks, Jesus has paid for our sins for us to be saved. He doesn’t want us to suffer that’s why He suffered for us instead.

Christological Reflection During my grade school days I was an active library user. I visit the library everyday and borrow as much number of books allowed. I make sure that I borrow books everyday and return it the next day. However, that routine changed when one afternoon, my classmate unintentionally misplaced one of the books I borrowed. As much as I want to blame my classmate, the book was still my responsibility to the library. I seriously freaked out during that time and I do not know what to do. I was too afraid to tell my parents about it nor did I have the courage to report it to the library. I already earned owed fines to the library for that book I still have not returned yet but still, I continually kept that big “burden” all to myself. I was very troubled for how many days. Thankfully, a classmate of mine suggested me to go to a guidance

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