Christmas Spirit Essay

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Still pitch black outside, I tiptoed down the hallway, my heart beating fast. I 'd heard voices and even though I wasn 't allowed out of bed yet, I had to investigate. One quick glance at the front room told me Santa had come. As usual he 'd left the Christmas tree lights on, transforming everything into a magical wonderland. However, the voices had come from the kitchen which made no sense at all.

"What 's going on? ' I asked as I rounded the corner and into the kitchen. I couldn 't help but squint as my eyes adjusted to the brightness. Then, I saw her.

"A puppy," I screamed. "Santa brought us a puppy!"

Joyful tears filled my eyes as I dropped to my knees and scooped up the tiny puppy, who greeted me with her soft cries and a wagging tail. Santa had adorned her with an over sized,
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Usually, we kids claimed our own corner and played separately with our toys, but that day we played together. Grettle brought out the Christmas spirit in all of us. We had no squabbles. Instead, laughter, and joy filled our home. I 'd never dreamed anyone or anything could improve the magical atmosphere of our family Christmases, and yet somehow this wonderful little fur baby had taken Christmas up a notch with one wag of her tail.

As Christmas evening came to a close, my father rested on the couch with Grettle snuggled in his lap. The love and tenderness on my father 's face spoke for us all. Grettle had captured our hearts and wrapped the entire family around her paw. It wasn 't clear if we had untrained Grettle, or if she had trained us--but there would be no more rug and no more rules--only one of the most memorable Christmases our family would share. And even though Santa had not brought Grettle for me, the red haired dachshund would go down in history as my favorite childhood present

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