Personal Narrative: A Tossed Dog

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A Tossed Dog I walked outside, the evening was warm with a slight breeze, the sun low in the sky. A perfect evening, considering, it was mid fall. The leaves on Cottonwood tree in my front yard rustled and scratched dryly against each other in the light breeze. Since my parents were on vacation it was my job to do chores, although that was already my job. Nothing was amiss in my routine, and I was enjoying the wonderful weather. Suddenly, a shout came from the house, “Kendall, take Sadie along with you when you do chores,” my Aunt shouted. Oh great, I thought to myself. Sadie was my aunt’s dog, she was a menace. I was about to ask my aunt if Sadie could just stay in, but before I had even opened my mouth to speak, a bullet of wheat-gold color dashed by, almost running into me by mistake, shattering my relaxing walk towards the barn.
The bullet, like an untamed wind, whirled about the yard. She crashed into my unsuspecting dog, barrel rolled a cat, and continued her mad dash of terror, running towards our herd of Angus cows in the pasture near the barn. “Sadie!” I yelled, “ Come here!” The bullet changed directions on a dime and came rushing at me, finally skidding to a stop, panting, next to my leg. She trotted happily along beside me as I continued walking
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I was greeted with the familiar scents of hay, manure, and grain as I entered. The din of horses whinnying, and cats meowing for food near their bowls were sounds I was used to. As I turned to get the food cup, suddenly, the blur that was Sadie, rushed in. A barking mass of wheat-gold fur and high pitched barking, charging straight towards our cornered cats. “Sadie, no!” I shouted. If she could hear me she ignored me. I continued yelling, she continued barking. The noise was horrendous, the barking of the dog, hissing of the cats, and adding to the chaos my own shouting. By then she had pinned one of my cats in the

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