A Christmas Story Play Summary

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On Saturday, December 3rd, I attended the matinee showing of “A Christmas Story”. The Chippewa Valley Theater Guild preformed the play at the Grand Theater in Eau Claire. The original story was written by Jean Sheperd, however this production was adapted by Philip Grecian and directed by Jake Lindgren. The play is set in the 1940’s in Indiana. This play could be considered to be a comedy, however most would view it as a drama with moments of comedic relief. The major theme in this play is all centered on a young boy’s Christmas wish and the events of his life prior to Christmas. The minor theme of this play highlights typical interactions of a modern family.
The protagonist of the play is a boy named Ralphie Parker, who takes us inside his view of the weeks leading up to Christmas. Ralphie’s motivation for all of his actions in this play are focused on him making sure it is known that he wants a Red Ryder B.B. gun. Ralphie goes about doing so in a variety of ways, but his comic weakness is that everyone that he attempts to convince that his idea for a Christmas present is perfect, responds by saying that he will shoot his eye out. The antagonist in this play shifts around a bit, for the majority the antagonists are Ralphie’s parents, his teacher, and Santa Claus. They all create conflict with Ralphie by shooting
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I thought that the acting was decent, but not great. I did think that the casting was very well done. What really stood out to me was the fact that many of the actors missed cues or stumbled on lines. A few errors are forgivable, but as they continued throughout the play they made the acting less and less believable. However, for most of the younger actors this was their first play, but overall the mistakes really took away from drawing me into the show. Finally, the biggest let down of the show was the main character Ralphie, messing up his major line, the full description of the Red Ryder B.B.

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