Christlike Community

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As a follower of Christ, my life is centered on relationships. Most importantly the relationship I have with my Creator, followed by my family, church family, friends and neighbors. As a future educator, I will only add more meaningful relationships to that list in the coming years. A few of these will be the relationships with my students, parents, administrator and peers. All of these bonds hold the opportunity to form a Christlike community in the classroom.
The teacher-student relationship is an integral aspect of developing a Christlike community. As educators, we are responsible for nourishing positive relationships with our students to further their academic success. McCullough states, “Teachers who are warm, personal, and friendly affect students’ behavior, attitudes, achievements and feelings toward school in a positive way” (McCullough, 2008). With each student, I have the responsibility to point them to Christ by constantly modeling Christ in my classroom. By being warm, personal and
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“The impact parents have on their children’s education is often the primary factor in determining their children’s success in school” (McCullough, 2008). As a child, my parents were very involved in my education, which motivated me to do my very best. I realize not every child is blessed with invested and supportive parents, so it will be my responsibility to encourage parents to become involved. I also need to respect their authority and acknowledge their opinions and beliefs regarding their child. Parents can offer valuable information regarding their children as well, in reference to their home life. In order to build upon the relationship with the parents of my students, I plan to communicate clearly and often with them. I will do this through a weekly class newsletter, as well as keeping them informed of their child’s progress in my

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