Christians Should Be A Christian Family Friend Essay

2525 Words Dec 8th, 2016 11 Pages
“Christians need to be loving… Christians should be living witnesses.” Those were two sentences I heard on the drive to the restaurant with a christian family friend. This family friend seemed to genuinely care about the lost people of this world, and more importantly the condition of their salvation. Or at least I thought so. Upon arriving to the restaurant, just as we were beginning to eat, a “gay looking” man simply minding his own business passed by our table to join his friends. Immediately once he left ear shot, my family friend began ridiculing the man and his lifestyle, saying things such as “Disgusting” and “I can’t even eat my meal any more I lost my appetite”.Now I have known this family friend for 3 years, and he was always trying to teach me and make me feel more comfortable with sharing the gospel, but after those remarks everything he previously said seemed to walk away with the man he was harassing. After that night I began to realize that Christians are doing a pretty poor job ministering to the LGBT community. But through realizing that their sin is equal to the sin of any other, becoming a good Christian friend, and properly sharing the gospel any Christian can properly minister to the LGBT community Christians need to learn how to properly minister to the LGBT community. A popular tagline for the LGBT community, is “It’s 2016” putting emphasis on the fact that the LBGT is a community that is here to stay. In todays society, we are dealing with an…

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