Christianity In The Early Church Case Study

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The study of religious missions and the methods and their purposes are being revealed in the Christianity of the early church. As I was studying this subject the words of Isaiah 53:7-8 began to resonate in my heart. In this we see Jesus’ sacrifice and the martyrdom of the disciples of Jesus Christ that reveals the missiology of Christianity in the early church. Opened not His mouth speaks of the Servant’s willingness to die for sinners; it also marks His dignity and authority as a lamb to the slaughter. To be cut off from the land of the living: This language clearly indicates that the Servant would die (Radmacher, 1999). For what can a man give in return for his soul (ESV Mark 8:37)? Herein lies the answer to that question in the life of the martyrdom of the disciples of Jesus …show more content…
However, none of these men who spent time with Jesus chose to save their lives by denying their faith in Him. These men was showing zeal in the face of persecution (Jenkins, 2011). The martyr has let go of this world and embraced the new world that has been opened to him by the Lord, which is his final and eternal destiny (Kushiner, 2011).
How did the death of the Peter a disciple of Jesus Christ reveal the missions and their methods and purposes of Christianity in the early church? As we look at the mission of Peter that led to his martyrdom, one quickly see the Holy Spirit empowering him as revealed in Acts 2:1-4. Peter was preaching the gospel with confidence, conviction and compassion. As he carried the word of God, he drew crowds of thousands of new believers to Christianity, he was healing the blind, standing up to leaders of the opposition. As he carried out his mission Peter understood the risks that he was taking as he took up his cross to follow Jesus. Peter was totally in tune with bringing Christ’s message to transform the world, and he did it without being worried about his own life. Scripture tells us that

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