Christianity And The Yoruba Religions Essay

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Religions cannot be reduced to a belief system anymore than they can be reduced to ritual system” (Prothero 21). This quote is true to that of the religions of Christianity and the Yoruba religions. The role of believing plays a larger role in Christianity than it does for the Yoruba religion. The Yorubas seem to have more of a ritual based religion than a belief system . There are many difference between the two religions when it comes to how they express their “belief system.” That does not mean that they don’t share some similarities either. Belief in the Yoruba and the Christian religions are expressed in different ways but share some similarities as well.
Firstly, Christians express their beliefs in some different ways than the Yoruba religion does. Christianity is considered to be a monotheism. This means that christians believe in one god; however, this one god is considered to be a trinity, or three people, consisting of the father, the son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. Which is why it is also referred to as a soft monotheism. Unlike Christians, the Yoruba believe they speak to their main god through the “semi-gods” that roam the earth. Christians speak to god through prayer, going to church, and reading the bible. Christians show their belief in many ways. For example, through prayer (which is a way people may speak to god and ask for certain things), attending church (this is done in order to feel closer to god and to learn of god), and most importantly…

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