Christianity And The Roman Empire Essay

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Christianity, starts out with only the population of Jews, expand into Romans, Muslims, and other culture groups in the past twenty centuries. With Paul spreading Jesus’s words to the gentiles, the Roman has killed thousands of Christian because they see Christians as rebels and want the Roman Empire to fall, which leads to the great persecution in 303. After Constantine take over, he later legalizes Christianity as Romans accept Christianity, which resulted in the Edict of Milan in 313 (Cohen “Roman Responses to the New Superstition”). Furthermore, during Muhammad’s life, he was praying with Jesus and Jesus’ disciples in Jerusalem during his time in Mecca, which certainly showed no sign of hate against Christianity. With many scholars doubting not only the origin of Christianity, they doubt the spread of Christianity to gentiles during Roman Empire Period actually change the Romans’ view on Christianity, which causes the great persecution and the Edict of Milan. How did Paul conversion of a Christian and his spread of Jesus’s words across Roman Empire impact Roman and Muhammad’s view on Christianity? Paul’s teaching changed the whole Christian society during the Roman Empire period because Romans were started to worship Jesus and die as a martyr; furthermore, Paul indirectly led the execution of many Christians, but ultimately the Romans legalize Christianity. Without the significant growth of Christianity in the Roman Empire, Muhammad will not protect Christianity and…

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