Christian Worldview Contrast : Christians, Muslims And Atheist Maintain Different Worldviews

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Christian worldview contrast. As described above Christians, Muslims and Atheist maintain different worldviews. Simply, one can conclude that the main difference between the three worldviews is that Muslims believe in Allah, Atheist don’t believe in a specific God (no physical proof), and Christians believe in Jesus. Specifically, Muslims tend to believe in the Quran context as being literal and without metaphors. As Christians tend to read the Holy Bible and understand that there are numerous metaphors.
Worldviews impact to Christian manager/leaders
There are multiple worldviews that are recognized throughout the UK population and more especially the workforce. Furthermore, leaders should be capable of comprehending that a worldview can be either a personal preference and or a religious discernment about past experiences. It is imperative that leaders maintain a complete understanding what a worldview is and who might have one. Leaders should be cautious of individual worldviews since they are commonly created by assumptions which may lead to “in the ballpark type of thinking” (Futrell, 2016).
As Christian leaders develop relationships with their subordinates they will discover personal issues, personality traits, ambitions, concerns and a subordinate may reveal what religion they practice. For instance, a Muslim may want their boss to know that they are Muslim so that they can celebrate Ramadan instead of Christmas. An Atheist may tell their boss that they don’t…

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