Christian Church And The Christian Of Christianity Essay

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The newly form religion called Christian would have a lot of growing pains over the next two centuries. Important Christian figure like the Apostles were being killed off. The Christian authority figures calling Apostles martyrs and anyone else who dies still believing in Christ love. The Church was looking to become more then that religion that people get to watch die in the colosseum. The religion still being new and did not have many followers and most of the followers were the poor, women, or slaves. They wanted to start converting the Jewish people and the pagans. The Christian had big dreams, before they could start spreading their influence they needed to do some house cleaning. Clement, bishop of Rome, wrote a letter to Corinthians addressing some of the issues and Ignatius wrote many letter talking about problems in Christian cities. These two holy man painted a better good picture about the Early Christian problems which were lack of Religious unity, respect towards church authority figures, and persecution. Ignatius in his letter would talk about each cities he would enter would have a problem with lack of religious unity. In each city they would teach and practice the religion differently from each other. Ignatius wanted everything to be streamlined. He was asking for people of the Jewish faith that converted to the new religion to stop practicing their old faith. Ignatius blame that the church of Magnesians failed to convert and teach them correctly. He…

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