Chris Mccandless Journey Into The Wild

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Chris McCandless was tired with society and seeked an escape from it. He did this by heading into the wild to become more in tune with himself and find the meaning of happiness. I agree with the author that Chris was not a crazy sociopath, or an outcast, as he always seemed to be around company on his journey to Alaska, but he was not as competent as the author, Jon Krakauer, believed he is. Chris was not happy with the way life was going so he set out on a journey from Georgia all the way to Alaska to find the meaning of happiness. Chris felt the world was one of “abstraction and security and material excess” and left on a “journey that would change everything” (22). This shows how he was tired with the society he was born into and just wanted an escape so he could change his ways. Chris also hoped to “invent an utterly new life for himself’ (22,23). Once again he shows how he is tired of the life he has been forced to live and wants to shed that part of himself and become anew and discover what truly brings him happiness. Once Chris had finally made it to Alaska he may not have expected to learn that “HAPPINESS ONLY REAL WHEN SHARED” (189). Chris had finally discovered what he went into the wild to find, but once he discovered it he was “extremely weak” and “staring” and was unable to act upon it (189). Although Chris found out what true happiness was for him, it was all in vain as he ended up dying alone in the wild trying to find it. Chris was not an outcast, because he was on good terms with most of the people he met on his odyssey, and many were heartbroken to learn …show more content…
Chris was unhappy with life and set out to find the meaning of happiness, driving him out of his home leading him to Alaska, where we found out his incompetence leading to his death in the

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