Chris Mccandless / Alex Supertramp Essay

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In life everyone hits a blockage, whether it is that someone does not fit in, feel like one does not belong, or even that one might feel like they are not living the life they are supposed to be living. Some people feel as if they never fit in, in the place they were put, so they feel the need to escape from all that they have in their life and leave everything and everyone behind to get away. A way where a person had to escape is Chris McCandless/Alex Supertramp in Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. Chris McCandless was a 24 year old boy that knew in the back of his mind he did not belong in the place where his parents were. He loved nature and would always go on adventures just to get away and escape from life. Until one day Chris went on the biggest adventure of his life up into the Alaskan wilderness. With giving up everything one of Chris’s inspirations was from Henry David Thoreau and his book “Walden”. Thoreau went into a wild of his own to get in touch with nature and simplicity as well. Many know that Thoreau was a big transcendentalist and wanted to just be one with the world, so Chris wanted to achieve being his own transcendental self. Even though many say Chris is nowhere near like the real transcendentalists, he surely was. With connecting himself with being so simplified in trying to live, having to have the self reliance to be able to live with no one but himself, and he truly does not conform to anyone in society because no one in society would have the guts…

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