Choosing Your Ideal Path By Dr. Randall Essay

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Choosing the Best
When it comes to embark the road to begin studies in higher education, it is important to choose an academic program or a 'major ' as are popularly known, to have sufficient grounds to make decisions that allow to meet the expectations and achieve goals outlined in the plan of life. In Choosing Your College Major: How to Chart Your Ideal Path, by Dr. Randall S. Hansen states that “Choosing a major, thinking about a career, and getting an education -- these are the things college is all about.” (Hansen). Choosing a major can be hard and stressful because a lot people consider it as one of the most important decisions of life, but it does not have to be a stressful experience. According to the National Research Center for College and University Admissions, more than the half of students change their majors. (qtd. in But to prevent this from happening compare and contrast the top major choices can be a helpful tool that make easier choosing the best major.
Every major has the specific requirements, knowledge, abilities, skills, and personal values needed to perform any job. For example, International Business and Business Administration majors can look the same major, but they are not. They can have something in common like the degree level offered and some skills. Even though both careers are developed in the same field, there are some differences like abilities, duties on the job, and salary.
According to the website, International…

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