Chapter 1: What Is The Definition Of Organizational Structure?

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Chapter 3 Questions

1. What is the definition of organization structure? Does organization structure appear on the organization chart? Explain.

Organization structure is defined by three key components. Span of control of supervisors and managers, formal reporting relationships and the number of hierarchy levels in an organization is designated by an organization structure. It helps in forming the entire organization by identifying the individuals that needs to be grouped together. Effective integration of efforts across all departments of an organization, communication and coordination are carefully designed into the organization structure. The whole
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In this kind of coordination knowledge and information is shared with other departments. There will be a continuous process of interaction to solve problems where managers play an important role in training, motivating and giving instructions to employees on how to interact within the organization. The manager is supposed to reward the employees for their efforts and contributions and allow the employees to give suggestions when a problem arises. It is difficult to interact within the organization if the employees don’t have mutual respect and understanding, when employees share information and coordinate their task effectively, it is an indication of high relational …show more content…
The horizontal structure encourages employees to share information, work in a team and increases creativity. In an organization with a horizontal structure employee have good communication and coordination among each other, also increases the responsibility of the employees, enhances their knowledge and provide better service to customers. The horizontal structure increases job satisfaction for employees by empowering the employees and looks after the wellbeing of employees, it also allows employees to communicate freely without hesitation and enhances the cultural values of the

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