Choosing Civility, The Author P.m Essay

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In the book, Choosing Civility, the author P.M. Forni argues that “the byproduct of doing justice to other is the enrichment of our own lives,” which is exemplified in the rule “speaking kindly.” I agree with Forni, that speaking kindly to others will benefit our lives as we speak kindly more often than not. Most likely there are many people out in the world who believe they speak kindly to others, I am one of those people myself. Throughout researching and testing this rule I have come to find that to speak kindly is not just saying a few nice words, but it is also to not speak ill to others and to also to give praise where needed. Some of the arguments stated by Forni can seem a little out there, but I can speak from experience that without a doubt, speaking kindly will drastically improve our lives as we do more of it. Following this rule will enrich our lives by making them more balanced, happier, and will make us feel better about our own self. Speaking is one of the powerful entities in everyone’s lives. Speaking can do many things, either related to being polite or unpleasant. After finding out that one of the rules of civility is to speak kindly, I realized that I do not do as much as I should. I believe I come off as being rude in some way, but that is just my personality when I am around someone I am comfortable with. I had set out to test this rule and found it very hard because I would always slip up and either swear or say something offensive. One night when I…

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