Electronic Health Records System: Article Analysis

In the article “Choosing an Electronic Health Records System”, it explains, the legal risks associated with medical practices when selecting an EHR system. These risks include professional liability risk towards healthcare professionals. Risk management audits, include management consultation and education are advised to help improve patient quality of care and reduce liability risks. The responses provided in the article, act for only one risk management consulting company. Other risk management consulting companies or insurance carriers might advise other responses to take into thought. The first advice when choosing an EHR system is that one must understand where the data is stored and were the servers stay in. Since, there are several …show more content…
System failure is an operation concern since physicians are unable to retrieve patient data. Termination issues towards physicians on their EHR contract is something that should be taken into consideration in case such event occurs. Physician’s access to medical records are the defense in a testimony when confronted with medical malpractice lawsuits or medical board protest.
An attempt towards compatibility with other EHR systems, if an incident on obsolete technology in an EHR system happens is crucial. Confidentiality and security issues in all EHR systems should carry security and integrity of medical records. In order for physicians to meet such criteria, they must have records in a confidential and safe manner. Physicians should know the appropriate laws and select a vendor who can abide with such requirements such as HIPPA compliance and HITECH regulations. Finally, potential liability risks associated with using an EHR system should be taken into consideration. In order to improve quality of care in patient safety, the technological aspects should be used accordingly. For example, frequent alerts will cause end users to disregard alerts and might results with clinical errors. Also unofficial user access to EHR data can create high risks for liability in accordance to violation of patient

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