Chipotle Mexican Grill ( Cmg ) Essay

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Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) first opened its restaurant in 1993. The company’s concept of Mexican fast food made from fresh ingredients and customers being in line to pick toppings were still new and unheard of. Weirdly enough, people seem to accept and love it. Since its first opening, the company’s business has gone skyrocket and became an instant hit in the market. The success of the company was possible mainly for these two reasons - the company’s rapid growth rate as well as McDonald’s Corporation decision to invest in the company which resulted in more than 500 CMG units opened in 2005. After operating for 13 years since its first founding, CMG was able to go public (IPO) in 2006, a great feat for any company to make considering the countless numbers of companies that have failed and the relatively short period of time it has only operated in the industry. Despite being in the smallest of the three largest segments in the restaurant industry, CMG has also proven to be quite a big threat to a number of big chained restaurants, including those from other food industry segments such as KFC and Taco Bell.
CMG currently operates in the fast casual market segment of the food industry. However, the company has to not only compete with competitors from its own segment, but also from the rest of the three major segments - full service and fast food. CMG’s two main competitors are Qdoba and Taco Bell. Like CMG, Qdoba operates in the fast casual industry and prioritizes quality…

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