Essay about Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

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Chinua Achebe 's "Things Fall Apart", focuses on a man 's challenges, while living in Nigeria during precolonial times. Okonkwo lives in Umuofia, a farming community. The community bears strict rules and carries on generations old The society imposes great gender roles on the villagers. The men were valued by how much land he owns and how many wives he 's married. The people abide by beliefs and laws, which affects their everyday choices. The actions that one take will either cause a positive or negative outcome. The morals of Okonkwo, a controversial character, had been questioned. Should Okonkwo receive the title of a good person? By definition, a good person is someone that brings happiness and acts as a benefactor to people especially those that they care about. When someone holds these characteristics, that person could be known as a good person. Okonkwo has benevolent intentions in his actions for his family and clansmen, which makes him a good person.
Okonkwo showed that he cared for his family, by providing them comfort at several times. When Ezinma fell ill, Okonkwo went out and collected medicine to help cure her fever. Okonkwo did this without being asked, which shows that he had cared for Ezinma and did not want her to die. He also knew that Ekwefi adored Ezinma very much. Ekwefi had nine previous infants had already died, and Ezinma exists as the only child of Ekwefi. If Ezinma dies, Ekwefi would feel devastated, and Okonkwo didn’t want that to happen. Okonkwo…

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