Chinese Cultural Diet Of China Essay

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Today I begin to discuss about Chinese cultural diet which is the one of the most different cultural diet compare to other types of the cultural diet countries. The main meals in China contains carbs and starch. Moreover, the food also like rice, noodles, fish and mantou are the main part of the Chinese cultural diet which are helpful in dieting and also aware from the diseases and infection. However, I’m going to research about Chinese cultural diet which contains some steps to look about the history and background of china cultural diet, also the geography, change agents, innovation and also to research about the past and present dishes was used in Chinese cultural for dieting. With this the china is populated number one in the world. Regarding to the main part of the china cultural diet help to develop the Chinese cuisine, discover the new names of the dishes by adding new ingredients to make the dishes like a healthy and also its help to make the people know about that things and dishes ,mostly its help to other countries cuisine by knowing the Chinese food on the various magazines and interneting, newspapers that’s all. Nowadays most Chinese culture is famous of steamed bun items which are stuffed with dousha. Nowdays, during dinner time in china the family sitt together in a communal service and also dishes served in communal plates ,which is known as family style in werstern nations.Mostly, the Chinese peoples a are salso connected with foods which are helped to…

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