Essay about China 's Country, India, Country And Nigeria

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1.3 billion, 1.2 billion, 186 million. The respective populations of China, Qin Zhang’s country, India, Abdul Hussein’s country and Nigeria, my country. China has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) output of $19.7 trillion and India has a GDP output of $7.9 trillion . These numbers indicate that these two countries have the strongest economies in Asia while Nigeria with a GDP output of $1 trillion holds the title of the strongest economy from the African continent. This zoomed out view allows us to relate and compare the similarities of our nation states. A zoomed in view of living conditions will also provide some insight towards to how closely related life for the supposed lower class in these countries is. I have lived in Nigeria for most of my life, so I have encountered many stories similar to both of yours but I cannot act like I have truly experienced it. About 46% of Nigerians live below the national poverty lines but I am privileged enough to attend university in the United States. I was introduced to both of your stories in my comparative politics class. I learned about Qin Zhang’s situation from the movie Last Train Home and followed Abdul’s story in Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers. In this letter, I will provide some insight on how the Industrial Revolution affected the growth and development of both your countries. I will also write about the inequalities both of you face daily and possible ways to combat this inequality. The…

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