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Marketing Plan
Xiaomi Inc.
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Executive Summary:
Lei Jun along with 7 other developers founded a company, Xiaomi in 2010. Since the release of its first phone in late 2011 it has created an estimated global market share on 5.1% this report will focus on a company, customer, product analysis of Xiaomi as well as show a SWOT analysis, discuss key target markets and list the advantages a disadvantages of potentially entering the Australian mobile phone market. Over it all it seems with the right planning Xiaomi have a rather large chance of becoming a well-known phone brand in the Australian market due to its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing.

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Xiaomi targets the lower-middle socioeconomic market and has gained a loyal fan base by incorporating user feedback into the design of its latest sets and android skins.

Situation Analysis:
Company Analysis:
Company Focus:
The focus of Xiaomi is to “add market by market, one at a time and to focus on bringing all of our products to each of those markets before we add a new one” Earlier Xiaomi discussed want to be in 10 markets by 2014 they had this as a focus due to the belief that it was the smarter thing to do to scale back to some degree and put a ton of effort into the Indonesian and Indian markets before expanding into western markets such as the UK, USA and Australia. It employees a strategy that is very unlike other smartphone makers such as Samsung or Apple, Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO, said that the company prices the phone almost at bill-of-material prices. To gain profit from such a narrow margin, Xiaomi sells a model for up to 18 months instead of redistributing products every 6 likes its competitors Apple and Samsung. It is also rid of its traditional advertising and relies on social networking services as well as its own customers to help promote its products.

Company Goals:
The companies overall goal was to create an affordable, high quality smartphone that will stand as a direct competitor to Apple. Xiaomi’s founder and CEO recently stated that their company’s goals for 2015 included selling 100 million smart phones as well as hoping to make RMB

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