China's Water Shortage Essay

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The Problem
China is a region that has experience substantial growth over the years in areas of industry, living standards, and population. But this success has resulted in the depletion of one of the greatest natural resources water. Industrial growth means an increase demand for water used in production processes and much of the water being used is not being reclaimed. A higher living standard means a greater demand for electricity that is lowering water levels in rivers used for generation. The population growth increases this nation's basic living need for water. Of China's 640 cities, 300 of them are suffering from inadequate water supplies (News Service Reports). Other issues related to water shortages within this nation are the
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While the nation does not seem to be protecting one of life's greatest commodities legally, what are they doing economically?
In 1998 China spent $8.7 billion on environmental protection, this was a 43.7 percent increase over the prior year (Wang). While this aided in the protection of the natural resource it did little to aid in conservation. In the past the Chinese government provided water. According to Wang Wenyuan (1998) it "was cheap or even free, so people paid no attention to conservation". The nation needs to establish water prices that would be inline with various consumer usage levels to foster conservation.
The Shortage's Affect on the Community

Contributing Resource Management Factors
At present, on the one hand, water management in China belongs to several governmental departments and there are no integrated institutions for management. Although China has issued the Law of Water, the implementation of the Law is difficult because of the lack of a single institution for water management and coordination. On the other hand, the low water price results not only in insufficient funds to maintain water-engineering systems but also in the waste of water resources. The Law of water was created in
January of 1988 and then later on made effective on July 1st, 1988. It was created to help rectify the above issues; however it has not really done much because of the lack of centralization and

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