Chin A Country With A Population Of Over 1.3 Billon People Essay

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China is an enormous country with a population of over 1.3 billon people. With the largest population in the world it is no surprise that China has a lot of unique challenges to its healthcare system (Eggleston, 2012). Where the government is the biggest player in the health care system where they have a hand in everything from the insurance to distribution of the medical resources. China’s also has a very long and rich history in cultural medicine, some health and some not so healthy.
When it comes to the structure and role of the major health systems in China the government is behind both. China is a communist country and over the last eight years has gone more to a socialized health care system where the government is subsidizing the people’s health insurance (Eggleston, 2012). The government started to not only subsidize people insurance premiums, but also be the insurance carrier eliminating private insurance companies. The Chinse government started to centralize all insurance through them and only supplemental insurance could be purchased privately all primary insurance was paid for to the government (Eggleston, 2012). What has been done in China is actually quite amazing, because China right now has 95% of their population covered by medical insurance. The goal is by 2020 that every single man, women, and child in China has medical insurance (Blunmenthal & Hsiao, 2015).
This is how China keeps the cost of its health care system in check. With controlling every aspect…

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