Essay on Childrens Communication Skills And Technology

1636 Words Apr 11th, 2015 7 Pages
Sulenny Villa
Dr. Berube/Ms. Edale/Mrs. Keyes
8 April, 2015

Childrens Communication Skills and Technology Is technology depriving children’s communication skills? Technology is advancing and prospering at a fast pace. It may look like doing anything without technology is impossible. Technology has changed the way people live their lives. There seems to be a big issue with technology and families, but young children in the families are the ones being affected the most. Technology and generations correlate with each other in the sense of technology having an effect on generations. Technology is;= affecting children’s communication skills at a young age and it is carried on into the future. Technology can help children develop academically, but children can be deprived from future communication skills that will help them succeed. Using technology at a young age can affect a child’s communication skills in the future negatively. Boundaries are crossed when exposing children to technology. The most important skills for an adult to have who seeks a high paying job is communications skills. Exposure to technology happens at a very young age since the world is so technologically advanced. What many people do not take note of is when they let young children use technology they are receiving inflections from it. Being able to express ideas to others is hard to accomplish when communication skills lack. Communication skills are the key to success.
Many parents now rely on…

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