Children 's Rights Act And Confidential Policy Essay

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Children’s parents have a right to know what is happening in the setting, but you do not need the parents consent to refer information. Children have a right to know what information is being passed on, to who, and what information can be kept confidential; this links back to the Data Protection Act and Confidential Policy. It is important that the child is aware of the steps and the process that is taking place. When a child or young person is being abused the primary concern will be to ensure that the child is protected from further abuse and the child’s welfare will be the priority. If they are suffering from physical or sexual abuse then they will be removed from their home to protect. Cares/Staff are also vulnerable and may be the ones in harm or have been abused. If that was to happen the same steps need to be taken with regards to it being taken seriously and if needed and investigation to take place. All information will be kept confidential and the same policies will have to be abided by. The open door policy can help and encourage parents, carers and members of staff to speak to someone with confidence but in private to express their concerns; in this situation helpful information and methods to resolve the issue can be given to the person who is being harmed or abused.

17: Explain the main types of bullying and the potential effects on children and young people:

Bullying occurs more often than people would like to think, it is up to the school to set up codes…

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