Children 's False Memories Of Children Essay

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Introduction Among most crimes committed there is a third party individual who saw first-hand what occurred. These individuals are relied upon to complete investigations and provide testimony if the case were to ever go to trial. Occasionally, these eye witnesses can be children. Since children were first used as witnesses, the serious question of whether or not their testimony should be treated as credible was brought up. As we know, children are still developing and do not have as complete of a grasp on the world as adults do. This coupled with experiments that show false memories in children and the potential harm that could be caused to the children’s well-being have caused many to question whether children could and/or should be considered quality, true eye witnesses. I can hardly imagine the about of stress that must occur with being an eye witness. As an adult, I have yet to have this experience and hope that it never occurs. In the case of children eye witnesses, I am wary to accept their responses as fact. According to Piaget, children are often egocentric. This egocentrism allows them take world events and bring them into their own perspective. This causes them to oftentimes not pay attention to what others are saying which would prove ineffective if a child is to be an eye witness (Siegler and Alibali, 2005, p. 40). For how can one testify if they are not truly listening to or understanding the context of the situation before them?
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