Children With Psychological Disorders During The 19th Century

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There are goose bumps up and down your body due to the tremendously cold temperature of the room. Your medical gown offers very little warmth or comfort.
Neither do the leather straps that confine your wrists and feet. Movement is slim to none.
You are forced to remain still as the Doctor enters the room. He doesn’t bother to cover his face or wear gloves when operating. He lays out his medical supplies and selects his instrument of choice. He raises the unsanitized tool which resembles an ice pick. You begin to try and escape, but the leather straps continue to restrain you. The sharp metal pick begins to move slowly and slowly towards your face. There is nothing you can do to escape or ease the pain. This experience is what thousands women with psychological disorders went through during the 19th century. The procedure is most commonly known as a lobotomy. The idea was that a doctor would cut the frontal lobe of a person’s brain by entering the patient’s eye socket with a tool, which closely resembles an ice pick. It was said that it cured majority of its patients. In reality “The patients weren 't just calm; they were virtual zombies who scarcely responded to the world around them
(Santoso).” Why were these women forced through go through these treatment? There is a collection of people that say these disorders were the result of male attitudes towards women. Travis Pavao 2
During this time period women were expected to behave a certain way. Society believed that women…

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