Children Under The Age Of Thirteen Essay

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The Ulimate Modern Teenger

When certain people hear or think of the word “teenager”, what normally comes to mind? Rebellious, Irresponsible, Sexually immature, Mischievous with a desire for the taste of danger maybe? As a teenage in the twenty first century, I have noticed these stereotypes towards us, and I can assuredly argue that these individuals are being prejudiced in their views towards today’s youth. It is not civil to categorize all teens in a similar manner. The older generation need to recall that they used to be like us at one time; Carefree, wild, fun loving, the list goes on. And what children under the age of thirteen need to consider, is that they will soon be one of us. Struggling to get essays in on time, pressured by society, and struggling to discover what purpose you have in your life. Being a teen is not a completely appalling stage in life. However, there are lessons to be learned and many mistakes to be made. The present day adolescent is not lethargic and unappreciative as depicted; They are constrained by their own surroundings and is negatively influenced, by society into believing that their best is not appeased. Over the years, the life of an average teenager has changed significantly. Compared to the modern day teenager, being a teen back in the twentieth century was distinctly different. For example; The music, clothes style, and school experiences to name a few. It is not only the teen who has changed, but also the world…

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