Children Should Play Not Compete Essay

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Jessica Statsky brought up the topic of competitiveness in children in her article “Children Should Play. Not Compete”. She believes that children shouldn’t compete or experience real competition at their age. I disagree with her stance on the subject however, competitiveness is in all of our natures even young kids, especially kids I’d say. Children also need to develop a competitive nature about them in this day and age if they ever want to make a living. Statsky says little league sports are too competitive and have a negative effect on the child’s development.
Statsky says in her article “I am strongly opposed to young kids playing tackle football. It is not the right stage of development for them to be taught to crash into other kids”. They are not being taught to crash into each other they are playing football. The rules of the sport tells them they have to tackle the player with the ball they are not tackling them to hurt them it is apart of the game they are playing. They are also wearing protective pads when playing to cushion the blows, they are not just mindlessly crushing into one another to knock the other one down.
Statsky suggests the competitive part of sports is not good thing for children when she says “ Winning and losing may be an inevitable part of adult life, but they should not be a part of childhood. Too much competition too early in life can affect a child’s development”. I’d argue that competition at that age is good and very necessary. It teaches…

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