Children Should Be Required For Children Essay

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Children should be required to get vaccines because it can save their lives. According to Cynthia G. Whitney, “Among 78.6 million children born during 1994–2013, routine childhood immunization was estimated to prevent 322 million illnesses (averaging 4.1 illnesses per child) and 21 million hospitalizations (0.27 per child) over the course of their lifetimes and avert 732,000 premature deaths from vaccine-preventable illnesses (Table)”(“Benefits from Immunization During the Vaccines for Children Program Era” par.6). The 78.6 million children born in the U.S. between the years of 1994-2013 have been disease and illness free because of regular check ups for vaccines. Whitney explains that immunizations have saved lives by preventing illness and minimize the chances of children relying on hospital health care. Immunizations should be required for children because it prevents them from getting ill or hospitalized and therefore saves their lives. According to Gabriel Bienczycki, “Vaccines save millions of lives each year and are among the most cost-effective health interventions ever developed”(“Vaccine Delivery” par.1). Each year the lives of many people are being saved due to a vaccine 's ability to make someone immune. Every year people are able to live disease and illness free because they go and get vaccinated. When a person gets vaccinated it will make their immune system stronger, which will prevent them from getting sick. Children should be obligated to get vaccinated…

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