Children Should Be Protected From The Harmful Diseases That Their Body Can Not Withstand

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"What Are the Reasons to Vaccinate My Baby?" What Are the Reasons to Vaccinate My Baby? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 15 Aug. 2016. Web. 16 Nov. 2016. .
Children need to be protected from the harmful diseases that their body cannot withstand, that is why immunization is how children can be well protected to fight diseases. Vaccinating children is important because it protects them from getting any of the fourteen childhood diseases. Not only does it protect them from diseases, but it also protects others. When a child is not vaccinated, the chances of the diseases being spread are high and could potentially led to an outbreak to occurring. Many are unaware that some of the disease that are protected by immunization still exist, therefore they choose to opt out in vaccinating their child, because they feel that it is not needed for them to stay healthy. The reality of it all is these diseases are still found widespread among most parts of our world.
The proposal essay needs to be strongly opinionated, and backed up with facts to show the problem. This source is well written and shows numerous reasons of why children should be vaccinated. It will let readers know that many parents are not vaccinating their children, for everyone to be 100% protected immunization needs to occur.
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