Children Neglect : The Repercussion Of Child Neglect Essay

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Child Neglect: The repercussion of child neglect can hinder children which it may impact their learning skills, and social maturity and self-esteem throughout their lifetime. What Is Child Neglect? The definition of a neglected child is that its a form of maltreatment when there basic needs have been failed to be provided by their guardians. When babies are in the mothers womb and in the process of developing they are able to recognize her voice. The voice that is suppose to nurture, love them and most of all care for them (Gilbert et. al., 2009). In addition to the information provided in the first half of the article quantitative data was gathered from a Canadian Community Health Surveyed were statements were composed of gratifying individual doctorates (Affifi & MacMillan , 2015; Taillieu, 2015; Cheung, 2015, Turner, 2015; Hovdestad, 2015). 16% was physical abuse and different notions of abuse on children ranged from 0.4% to 3/7%. Trying to allocated help for abused children is sometimes consider a difficult and tenure task. Its rather difficult to get the public to understand that children need to be directed and pointed out to receive the correct form of protection, security as programs that are widely known and accredited so that these children can receive the proper help they may need. Bottom - up approaches explains the quality of how things can be handled better of by (Wells, 2015). Wells’ explains how most child protective systems use a top- down…

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