Children From Multiple Incidence Families Essay

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in multiple incidence families . However, the exact pattern of elevated symptom burden in non-ASD children from single and multiple incidence families remains uncertain This leads to several important questions. Do elevated symptom levels in non-ASD children from multiple incidence families vary across different autism symptom domains, as would be predicted from studies implying different etiological influences on social and repetitive behavior symptoms? Or is a general predisposition observed toward social deficits and restricted/repetitive behavior? Do ASD-affected children from multiple incidence families also show a more severe symptom burden relative to their counterparts from single incidence families? Answers to these questions will provide important information about autism transmission risk and may provide clues to differences in the mixtures of etiologic mechanisms between these incidence patterns. Furthermore, unaffected siblings who have a history of language delay with autistic qualities of speech (HLDAS) have greater autism symptom burden . Examining (HLDAS) in both single and multiple incidence families is important for determining whether increased etiologic burden in unaffected siblings extends beyond multiple incidence families to a subset of single incidence families and whether ( HLDAS) further

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