Children From A Young Age Essay

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Adults inform children from a young age that they can be anything. They can be an astronaut, a pilot, the president or even find the cure to cancer. Yet, all of this is rubbish. Sadly, reality forces children to learn that some things in life are predetermined, even who and what people are. The truth is no one has any control of their identity because society chooses identity for them Society separates the rich from the poor, the messiahs from the outcasts and strong from the frail. Society subjects the individual, regardless of background, to partake in stereotypes, assimilate its culture, and isolate the few who attempt to resist. History, as told through literature, exemplifies the struggles of individuals forced to accept the identities society gave them. Factors like race, gender, or wealth greatly contribute to how society views an individual. The individual has little control and freedom over their identity due to the role society has given them displayed through American Literature and storytelling.
Being a certain race is a large determination of how society views someone affecting their identity. A sore spot in American history is its involvement in the slave trade and African-American rights, which has left a lasting impression on the world. African people were caught in a diaspora--scattered by great distances--causing them to develop new identities based on the countries they lived in rather than sharing a cultural identity through their shared origin in…

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