Children and Young Peoples Workforce Assignment 1 Essay

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Introduction – Task A
This assignment is based on child and young person development. It will cover: * The definitions of development and how each area is linked * The difference between the sequence of development and the rate of development * What influences a child’s development * What support and interventions a child can receive if they are not meeting their milestones * The expected pattern of child development from birth to 19 years * Transitions experience by children and how they affect behaviour * Terms such as speech and language * How speech, language and communication skills support learning * Why it is important to recognise delays and disorders at an early stage * How an adult
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Children and young people make strong attachments to adults through childhood and having more than one carer can affect the way a child develops as the bond will be broken.
Education can also affect the way a child develops. For example, if a child were to attend a public school, they will not only learn skills in a classroom, but will also develop social skills, whereas a child who Is home schooled will not be able to bond with other children.
Task D
If a child is not meeting their milestones there are many interventions or professionals who can help them do so. These are: * SENCO – A person in a nursery or education setting who is responsible for the support of children with special needs * Social worker – A person from the local authority who supports vulnerable children, young people and their families * Speech and language therapist - A professional who supports children and young people with difficulties in communication. * Educational psychologist – A professional who supports children and young people with behaviour or learning difficulties. * Psychiatrist – A trained doctor who specialises in mental health and may support those with mental health problems. Works alongside counsellors. * Physiotherapist – A professional who is trained to help a child who has difficulty controlling their movements. * Nurse specialist – A person who is from the health service and

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