Children And Their Environment : Children Essay

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Children and Their Environment In this day and age most children are born in a society with the idea that they are being raised with equal chances to learn, mature and make a life for themselves, but if that were really true then why are so many people in different situations? In all circumstances, that is not true. Children may go to the same schools but can end up having such different lives, well the environment that a child is raised in can certainly affect the outcome of his or her life. To disclose that question consider look into something. A child’s life is determined by his/her parents, for the most part. in his/her younger years. Parents set the example for children as to what they want to do in life and how to accomplish that goal. If a child were raised in a community that tolerated the use of drugs or alcohol at a young age then a child is likely to join in those practices as soon as he/she feels ready. They, like their parents would have no respect for the law or those who represent the law. Having a child raised under these conditions can almost completely guarantee that a child will become a convict. However, a kid should not be raised in an environment where the parents are too strict.
Strict parents do not allow enough freedom for a child to experience the life of bad and good. So, while a strict household would stop a child from being misbehaved they will later in life seek to do things they never could do in the parent’s presence such as repetitious…

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