Childhood Sexual Abuse And Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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teenager or younger. When talking regards the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy, the 59th volume of Journal of Marriage and the Family stated:

"Pregnancy rates also varied significantly by the severity of sexual abuse, with 21% of nonabused women, 9% of contact molestation victims, 39% of coercion victims, 26% of attempted rape victims, and 43% of rape victims having a teenage pregnancy. "

Definition of "sexual coercion": to dominate one sexually by forcing or intimidating them, especially by abusing their fear and not regarding their desires.

Teenage pregnancy not only affects the pregnant juvenile, but also the biological teenage father, the baby, both teenager’s parents, and society.

Adolescents have an underdeveloped skeletal structure, which means their skeletal structure requires additional time to finish developing. For this reason, the pregnant teenager may experience problems during birth and/or pregnancy with their pelvic bone and/or spine. Unfortunately, many teens do not recieve prenatal care, which leads to an unsafe pregnancy and birth, as prenatal care is designed to prevent such problems. Nearly 50% of pregnant teenagers do not recieve prenatal care, mainly due to embarrassment of being pregnant, they cannot afford prenatal care, and/or they do not recognize the cruciality of prenatal care. On the contrary, Megan, a female who had two pregnancies as an adolescent,…

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