Childhood School Is Good For The Kids Essay

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Do you remember childhood life in elementary school? Did you enjoy it? Do you miss that time? If the answer is yes, you should feel pity for the children nowadays. As the specialist say, “the extra month of instruction provides additional learning opportunities which contribute to Brooks ' success”(Tawasha, par. 2). They think more time in school is good for the kids. There’s already 2.5% elementary school in USA being change to year-round school(Tawasha, par. 1). Can you ever imagine no summer vacation? I disagree with extended school time, I really don’t. Is that because I think it is useless? No! I have to admit that more school time can help children learn more. “Young children, even kindergartners and first graders, are making twice the progress, in terms of raw score, than kids in traditional programs. The summer layoff is a critical period of achievement loss, and school-year extension helps to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, that loss”(Tawasha, par. 5). Even though there is more knowledge to learn, there’s less waste for school. But childhood should be happy, play and easy. There’s only once in your lifetime. You can never back to young age and pass through that again. That is the happiest time you ever have. You will be regret if you miss that part of time. Not only this, there’s a lot of ability and personality are built when you were young. I just don’t think you can learn that in school.
Not everyone like to spend more time in school. Students have their…

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