Childhood Obesity And The United States Essay

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Childhood obesity in America is at an increasing rate and needs to be attended to because children suffering from being overweight are at risk of many health conditions that can carry on into their adult years. As adults it is easy to overlook children 's weight for the common belief it is just “baby fat” or they will “grow out of it” but what adults and/or parents don 't realize is that there are long term effects that mutate and change one’s body. Even if that person lost weight the damage has been done, that child, who is now an adult, has been set up for life full of challenges against his own body. Body image is not the primary problem, it is health and the future generation’s lifestyle. Some may think, is it possible to decrease the number of children overweight? Can being overweight affect a person 's health? Childhood obesity in the United States is too often overlooked and not taken seriously. If the problem was addressed the rate would be decreasing, but sadly it is not. In today 's day in age it is a lot easier to gain weight and live an unhealthy lifestyle rather than to eat nutritious meals and stay active. It is especially easy for children, “ CDC estimates that more than a third of U.S. children ages 2–19 are overweight or obese”(Should the U.S. government be involved in the fight against childhood obesity? 1).There can be many different factors that contribute to being overweight as a child; genes, community, parenting, family income, but the child can not…

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